Cold snacks

Fish snacks

  Lightly salted salmon special brine

Price: 6.95 EUR

Red caviar

Price: 9.80 EUR

Cold smoked salmon

Price: 6.95 EUR

Smoked eel

Price: 14.90 EUR

Stuffed carp

Price: 3.60 EUR

Baltic herring with potatoes

Price: 3.85 EUR

Baltic herring in marinade

Price: 3.05 EUR

Baltic Herring in oil

Price: 3.15 EUR

Lamprey in mustard sauce

Price: 9.95 EUR

Fish and vegetable salads

Salad Sea pearls” 

(lettuce mix, strawberries, grapes, peppers, seafood cocktail, lemon-olive oil sauce)

Price: 5.50 EUR

Squid salad 

(squid, pickled cucumber, egg, mayonnaise)

Price: 5.30 EUR

Tuna salad 

(tuna, lettuce, egg, oil sauce, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes)

Price: 5.20 EUR

Avocado salad with herring 

(avocado, herring, egg, apples, onion, mustard sauce, fresh cucumber)

Price: 4.65 EUR

Avocado salad with egg and shrimps 

(avocado, egg, mayonnaise, shrimp)

Price: 5.80 EUR

Caesar salad with salmon 

(grilled salmon, croutons, lettuce, parmesan cheese, sauce)

Price: 6.95 EUR

Caesar salad with sea coktail 

(seafood mix, croutons, lettuce, parmesan cheese, sauce)

Price: 6.95 EUR

Caesar salad with scallops 

(scallops, croutons, lettuce, parmesan cheese, sauce)

Price: 9.45 EUR

Caesar salad with shrimps 

(shrimps, croutons, lettuce, parmesan cheese, sauce)

Price: 13.50 EUR

Greek Salad 

(frech tomatoes, cucumbers,
pepper, onion, geens,cheese)

Price: 4.50 EUR

Fresh vegetable salad 

(lettuce mix, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onion, greens)

Price: 3.50 EUR

Beet salad 

(the choice – oil, sour cream, mayonnaise, garlic)

Price: 2.80 EUR

Carrots in Korean style 

(spicy carrots with coriander and sharp pepper)

Price: 2.95 EUR

Salad “Chuck” 

(seaweed with sesame and sesame oil)

Price: 4.30 EUR

Salad with arugula,strawberries and cheese “Dor Blu” 

(arugula salad, strawbwrries, cheese “Dor Blu”)

Price: 6.85 EUR

Cold snacks

Eggplants stuffed with goat cheese

Price: 4.40 EUR

Eggplant stuffed with vegetables

(eggplant, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs)

Price: 3.90 EUR

Eggplants stuffed with walnuts

(eggplant,  walnuts, garlic, mayonnaise)

Price: 4.40 EUR

Eggplants in Buchara style

(fried eggplant, grated tomatoes, garlic, cilantro)

Price: 4.50 EUR

Egg-plants with garlic

(eggplant, garlic, cilantro)

Price: 4.30 EUR

Salted eggplant in the Crimian pickled

(eggplant stuffed with carrots)

Price: 4.30 EUR

Eggplants in Greek style 

(roasted eggplant, sweet pepper and stewed tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs)

Price: 4.50 EUR

Eggplant in the Crimian

(eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic)

Price: 4.70 EUR


Price: 5.90 EUR

Beef tongue under mayonnaise

Price: 4.50 EUR

Smoked Pork

Price: 3.30 EUR

Chicken roll with dried apricots

Price: 3.90 EUR

Pork baked

Price: 3.75 EUR

Jellied veal with horseradish

Price: 4.50 EUR

Veal baked with garlic

Price: 3.90 EUR

Snack in Spanich style 

(jamon, basturma, dried sausage, beef)

Price: 8.95 EUR

Meat salads


(boiled beef, potatoes, pickled cucumbers, eggs, green peas, mayonnaise)

Price: 4.30 EUR

Salad of beef tongue

(beef tongue, paprika, pickled cucumbers, pickled mushrooms, eggplant  grilled, olive oil sauce with balsamic)

Price: 5.90 EUR

Caesar salad with chicken

(grilled chicken, croutons, lettuce, parmesan cheese, sauce)

Price: 6.60 EUR

Salad “Rucola” with sunflower seeds, beef liver

(rucola, aizberg, sunflower seeds, fried liver, olive oil sauce)

P: 5.40 EUR

Spring salad 

(vegetables, hamon. quail eggs, olive oil sause)

Price: 7.40 EUR

Fish  and meat plate

Fish plate

(saltes salmon, smoked salmon, lamprey, shrimp, vot au vent with salmon caviar)

Price: 25.50 EUR

Fish snacks “Ragaciems”

(smoked mackerel, smoked marlin, herring, anchovy, egg)

Price: 15.50 EUR

Meat plate

(jamon, chicken roll, smoked beef, smoked pork, veal with garlic)

Price: 16.50 EUR

Bacon – assorted

(bacon, walnuts, honey, garlic crounts)

Price: 6.50 EUR

Cold snacks (cheese, mushrooms, vegetables)


(Korean carrots, sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, pickled tomatoes, pickled garlic)

Price: 5.30 EUR

Pickled ceps

Price: 7.50 EUR

Pickled Mushrooms

Price: 4.20 EUR

Mild-cured cucumbers

Price: 2.60 EUR


Price: 2.60 EUR

Stuffed  green olives

Price: 4.85 EUR

Cheese “Suluguni” with tomatoes

Price: 4.20 EUR

Cheese “Mozzarella” with tomatoes

Price: 4.15 EUR

Goat cheese with olives

Price: 4.25 EUR

Cheese “Brinza” in Bulgarian style with olives

Price: 3.30 EUR

Cheese plate

Price: 5.15 EUR

Cheese plate Oriental style 

(suluguni, goats cheese,brinza)

Price: 5.70 EUR

Hot snacks

Meat dumplings

Price: 5.50 EUR

Mushroom dumplings

Price: 5.30 EUR

Boiled or fried dumplings with butter

Price: 5.50 EUR

Steam dumplings in Chineese style

Price: 5.50 EUR

Chinese steamed dumplings with vegetables and tiger prawns

Price: 7.20 EUR

Dumplings “Gerasimos” style

Price: 5.50 EUR

Curd in dough and

Price: 4.95 EUR

Cherry in dough

Price: 4.95 EUR

Shrimps in batter

Price: 18.50 EUR

Shrimps “Butterfly”

Price: 10.50 EUR

Sguid in batter

Price: 7.75 EUR

Chinese sticks

Price: 9.70 EUR


Price: 4.20 EUR


Price: 6.80 EUR

Hikaly Georgian style

Price: 5.50 EUR


Price: 5.50 EUR

Stewed vegetables

Price: 5.50 EUR

Hot snacks (pancakes, pasta, vegetables)

Potato pancakes with cold smoked salmon

Price: 8.70 EUR

Potato pancakes

Price: 5.40 EUR

Pancakes stuffed with spinach and cheese

Price: 6.90 EUR

Pancakes stuffed with meat

Price: 5.10 EUR

Pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese

Price: 4.50 EUR

Pancakes stuffed with bananas

Price: 4.45 EUR

Spaghetti with seafood and vegetables 

(squid, shrimp, mussels, vegetables)

Price: 9.70 EUR

Spaghetti with salmon and vegetables

Price: 9.70 EUR

Schnitzel with eggplant and mushroom ragout

Price: 6.80 EUR

Egg-plants in Bulgarian style

Price: 6.20 EUR

Cabbage stuffed with meat

Cena: 5.60 EUR

Vegetarian stuffed cabbage

Price: 4.90 EUR

Salmon julien with shrimps

Price: 4.50 EUR

Shrimp julien

Price: 4.70 EUR

Mushroom julien

Price: 3.60 EUR

Chicken julien

Price: 3.60 EUR

Omelette with vegetables

Price: 5.40 EUR

Omelette with shrimps and vegetables

Price: 7.40 EUR

Scallops in creamy-wine sauce

Price: 8.95 EUR


Beef broth with chicken quenelles and pies

Price: 3.90 EUR

Beef broth with meat pies

Price: 3.50 EUR

Fish soup (pike-perch, salmon, shrimp)

Price: 7.50 EUR

Soup with lamb

Price: 5.10 EUR

Shurpa (lamb)

Price: 4.60 EUR

Laghman (lamb)

Price: 4.60 EUR

Solyanka in Georgian style

Cena: 4.90 EUR

Chicken soup with home noodles

Price: 3.90 EUR

Borshch (beef)

Price: 3.90 EUR

Sorrel soup (beef)

Price: 3.90 EUR

Cabbage soup of sauerkraut (beef)

Price: 3.90 EUR

Vegetarian vegetable soup

Price: 3.50 EUR

Cold soup

Price: 4.20 EUR

Hot fish dishes with vagetables

Salmon baked with spinach, steamed vegetables and potatoes

Price: 13.80 EUR

Steam salmon

Price: 12.80 EUR

Pick perch with steamed vegetables and potatoes

Price: 11.60 EUR

Pike Perch in Polish sauce

Price: 11.70 EUR

Steam pike perch

Price: 10.70 EUR

Pike perch baked with pineapple in a creamy sauce

Price: 11.65 EUR

Carp baked in sour cream sauce

Price: 9.95 EUR

Carp fried on the pan

Price: 9.10 EUR

Halibut baked with shrimps, spinach steamed vegetables and potatoes

Price: 14.80 EUR

Trout in Turkish style with steamed vegetables and potatoes

Price: 13.40 EUR

Fish cutlets

Price: 8.80 EUR

Sturgeon in the sauce “Dor Blu”

Price: 14.25 EUR

Steam sturgeon

Price: 12.70 EUR

Steam sturgeon with vegetables
(1 kg)

Price: 29.30 EUR


Price: 10.75 EUR

Tench baked in sour cream sauce

Price: 9.95 EUR

Tench baked in sour cream sauce

Price: 11.80 EUR

Amur fish with onions and potatoes

Price: 9.40 EUR

Hot meat dishes with vagetables

Steak with blood in English style

Price: 14.40 EUR

Steak in American style

Price: 15.60 EUR

“Chinahi” (lamb with vegetables in pot)

Price: 9.90 EUR

Lamb chops in the Balkan style

Price: 9.85 EUR

Lamb carbonate fried with onions in a frying pan

Price: 12.85 EUR

Home made sausages

Price: 8.65 EUR

Cutlet in Kiev style

Price: 8.70 EUR

Chicken Fillet stuffed with cheese

Price: 8.80 EUR

Chicken cutlets

Price: 8.30 EUR

Chicken breast pieces in tomato sauce

Price: 8.40 EUR

Slices of veal roasted with onion in a frying pan

Price: 11.90 EUR

Veal carbonate with fried onions in a frying pan

Price: 11.20 EUR

Stroganov veal with mushrooms

Price: 11.80 EUR

Pork fillet stuffed with cheese “Philadelphia”

Price: 8.70 EUR


Price: 8.80 EUR

Liver with cream sauce

Price: 7.90 EUR

Stroganov liver with mushrooms

Price: 7.80 EUR

Spaghetti with turkey meat

Price: 7.40 EUR

Rice with turkey meat

Price: 7.40 EUR

Veal cutlets

Price: 8.50 EUR

Fish dishes fried on the grill with vagetables


Price: 12.80 EUR

Carp with garlic

Price: 9.10 EUR

River trout

Price: 13.40 EUR

Sea trout

Price: 11.35 EUR

Pike perch

Price: 10.45 EUR


Price: 9.10 EUR

Marlin Fish

Price: 9.90 EUR

Sturgeon whole natural (1 kg)

Price: 29.30 EUR

Sturgeon shaslik

Price: 12.90 EUR

Tiger shrimps

Price: 18.50 EUR

Royal shrimps natural

Price: 29.30 EUR

Fish “Taimen” with potatoes

Price: 13.40 EUR

Hot fish assorted

(Pike-perch, tench, amur, shrimp, squid fries, potatoes, cucumbers, salted tomatoes, lemon)

Price: 34.50 EUR

Meat dishes fried on the grill with vagetables

Pork ribs

Price: 8.80 EUR

Pork Steak (fillet)

Price: 9.10 EUR

Pork carbon

Price: 8.90 EUR

Grilled Beef steak

Price: 18.50 EUR

Pork shish-kebab

Price: 8.50 EUR

Lamb with bone

Price: 19.20 EUR

T-bone steak (Spain)

Price: 25.80 EUR

“Rib eye steak” (Spain)

Price: 19.80 EUR

Veal carbon

Price: 13.70 EUR

Veal fillet

Price: 14.80 EUR

Beef fillet shish-kebab

Price: 14.80 EUR

Vegetables fried on the grating

Price: 5.90 EUR

Chicken fillet

Price: 8.50 EUR


Price: 9.95 EUR


Price: 8.80 EUR

Beef liver

Price: 7.70 EUR

Hot dishes cooked on the grate with vegetables

Shrimps fried with garlic

Price:18.50 EUR

Fried shrimps and squids in Asian style

Price: 20.60 EUR

Pokr with shrimps in Asian style

Price: 10.90 EUR

Pork ribs in soya-honey sauce

Price: 10.80 EUR

Chicken fillet in Eastern style

Price: 9.15 EUR

Fillet of beef in Thai style

Price: 14.70 EUR

Fillet of beef in Asian style with Spaghetti

Price: 14.95 EUR


Home fried potatoes

Price: 1.50 EUR

Boiled potatoes

Price: 1.50 EUR

Mashed potatoes

Price: 1.50 EUR

Rice (100 gr)

Price: 1.50 EUR

Macaroni (150 gr)

Price: 1.50 EUR

Mushroom sauce

Price: 3.00 EUR

Sauce “Tkemali”, “Sacebeli”

Price: 2.00 EUR


Price: 0.30 EUR

Sour cream (100 gr)

Price: 1.50 EUR

Mayonnaise (100 gr)

Price: 1.50 EUR


Price: 1.50 EUR


Price: 1.50 EUR


Price: 1.20 EUR


Price: 1.20 EUR

Garlic sauce

Price: 2.00 EUR

Sweet dishes

Cottage cheese cake

Price: 4.20 EUR

Ice cream with fruits

Price: 3.95 EUR

Ice cream with whipped cream and nuts

Price: 3.95 EUR

Ice cream

Price: 3.00 EUR

Ginger ice cream

Price: 3.80 EUR

Dessert “Orange Parfe”

Price: 3.80 EUR

Chocolate “Parfe”

Price: 3.75 EUR

Ice cream with whipped cream and nuts

Price: 3.95 EUR

Dessert “Tiramisu”

Price: 4.70 EUR

Mascarpone cream

Price: 3.80 EUR

Strawberry cream

Price: 4.35 EUR

Strawberry soup with ice cream

Price: 5.40 EUR

Strawberries with whipped cream

Price: 3.90 EUR

Fruit salad

Price: 3.00 EUR

Pancakes in Viennese style

Price: 5.45 EUR

Pancakes with jam

Price: 4.50 EUR

Home made jam

Price: 2.50 EUR

(dog-tree, nut, fig-tree)

Price: 3.50 EUR


Price: 3.50 EUR

150 gr


Price: 1.00 EUR


Price: 1.50 EUR


Price: 1.00 EUR


Price: 3.50 EUR


Price: 1.00 EUR


Price: 1.00 EUR


Price: 1.00 EUR


Price: 0.60 EUR


Price: 2.50 EUR

Croutons with garlic

Price: 1.70 EUR


Natural orange juice

Price: 3.10 EUR

Natural grapefruite juice

Price: 3.10 EUR

Natural carrot juice

Price: 3.10 EUR

Natural tomato juice

Price: 3.10 EUR

Granberry juice

Price: 1.90 EUR



Price: 2.00 EUR

Hachapuri in Adjarian style

Price: 5.50 EUR

Cake “Napoleon”

Price: 2.30 EUR

Cake “Pigeon's milk”

Price: 2.30 EUR

Honey Cake

Price: 2.30 EUR


Price: 2.30 EUR

Cake  “Marquis”

Price: 2.30 EUR

Cherry cake

Price: 2.30 EUR


Price: 2.50 EUR


Price: 1.50 EUR

Service 10 %


Download beverage card

Beverage card

Our dishes may contain allergens, according to ES regulation Nr. 1169

Vielas vai produkti, kas izraisa alerģiju vai nepanesamību.

1. Labība, kas satur lipekli, t. i., kvieši, rudzi, mieži, auzas, speltas kvieši, triticum turgidum polonicum vai to hibridizēti celmi, un tās produkti, izņemot: 

a) glikozes sīrupus uz kviešu bāzes, ietverot dekstrozi (1);
b) maltodekstrīnus uz kviešu bāzes (1);
c) glikozes sīrupus uz miežu bāzes;
d) labību, ko izmanto, lai iegūtu alkohola destilātus, tostarp lauksaimnieciskas izcelsmes etilspirtu. 

2. Vēžveidīgie un to produkti. 

3. Olas un to produkti. 

4. Zivis un to produkti, izņemot:
a) zivju želatīnu, ko izmanto vitamīnu vai karotinoīdu preparātiem;
b) zivju želatīnu vai zivju līmi, ko izmanto alus un vīna dzidrināšanai. 

5. Zemesrieksti un to produkti. 

6. Sojas pupas un to produkti, izņemot:
a) pilnībā rafinētu sojas pupu eļļu un taukus ( 1 );
b) no sojas pupām iegūtus dabiskus jauktus tokoferolus (E306), dabisku D-alfa tokoferolu, dabisku D-alfa tokoferola acetātu, dabisku D-alfa tokoferola sukcinātu;
c) fitosterīnus un fitosterolesterus, kas atvasināti no augu eļļas, kura iegūta no sojas pupām;
d) fitostanolesterus, kas iegūti no tādas augu eļļas steroliem, kura iegūta no sojas pupām. 

7. Piens un tā produkti (ietverot laktozi), izņemot:
a) sūkalas, ko izmanto, lai iegūtu alkohola destilātus, tostarp lauksaimnieciskas izcelsmes etilspirtu;
b) laktitolu. 

8. Rieksti, t. i., mandeles (Amygdalus communis L.), lazdu rieksti (Corylus avellana), valrieksti (Juglans regia), Indijas rieksti (Anacardium occidentale), pekanrieksti (Carya illinoiesis (Wangenh.) K. Koch), Brazīlijas rieksti (Bertholletia excelsa), pistāciju rieksti (Pistacia vera), makadamijas jeb Kvīnslendas rieksti (Macadamia ternifolia) un to produkti, izņemot riekstus, ko izmanto, lai iegūtu alkohola destilātus, tostarp lauksaimnieciskas izcelsmes etilspirtu. 

9. Selerijas un to produkti. 

10. Sinepes un to produkti. 

11. Sezama sēklas un to produkti. 

12. Sēra dioksīds un sulfīti, ja to koncentrācija pārsniedz 10 m/kg vai 10 mg/l kopējā SO 2, kas ir jāaprēķina produktiem, ko piedāvā kā gatavus patēriņam vai kuru sākotnējā forma jāatjauno saskaņā ar ražotāju instrukcijām. 

13. Lupīna un tās produkti. 

14. Gliemji un to produkti.