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Restaurant "JURA"

The reborn legendary restaurant, which has been popular in Jurmala since the 1930s,
perfectly suits its name.


A few steps from the beach, it is like a neat ship: solid on the outside and cozy and colorful on the inside.  

In the vast realm of masts and nets, the marine style is held in absolutely everywhere -
from the glow of the calling ship to the cozy and intimate captain's cabin.

Of course, fish and seafood occupy an honorable place in the extensive menu of the restaurant "JURA" .  

But, of course, the incomprehensible sea of sweets, as well as the wide range of meat and vegetable dishes in Asian and European style ,
prepared according to old and new recipes both on an open fire and in a wok pan,
guaranteed by the restaurant "JURA"
  (already known to the general public from Jurmala restaurant "Sultan"), 

which has once again opened the doors of the restaurant "JURA" to us.  


This is inexplicable, but it is difficult to find a free place in the restaurants of the "JURAS" chain
even on the cloudiest and darkest days.

No star who has come to Latvia in guest performances 
unable to pass the cozy lights of the upper and lower decks.


  Phone for orders: +371 67761424

JŪRA restorāns

Menu of restaurant "JŪRA"

Aukstās uzkodas restorānā JŪŖA

Cold snacks

Zivju ēdieni restorāna JŪŖA

Fish dishes

Karstās uzkodas, restorāns JŪRA

Hot snacks

Uz režģa ceptie ēdieni, restorāns JŪRA

Grilled dishes

Zupas, restorāns JŪRA ēdienkarte


Saldie ēdieni restorānā JŪRA




We offer culinary and confectionery products for celebrations

Organization of banquets in the restaurant "JŪRA"

We offer banquet service, wedding table and other event organisation.

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