The revived legendary restaurant which has been popular in Jurmala since the 1930's conforms to its name completely. Built a few steps away from the beach it is like a good quality ship - solid from the outside, cosy and lively inside. In the spacious kingdom of masts and nets the marine style is everywhere - from friendly glitter of ship bell to cosy privacy of captain's VIP-cabin.

Of course, fish and sea food take place of honour in voluminous menu of Jura restaurant. And the sea of astounding sweets as well as of meat and vegetable dishes - Asian and European, cooked over an open fire and in the wok, in the old fashion and in new ways - is guaranteed by Orient trademark (widely known thanks to Jurmala restaurant Sultan) which rediscovered Jura for us. It may look like mystery but nets of Orient are not empty even when the weather is not so good and visitors are few in Jurmala. Not a single star on tour in Latvia is able to pass by friendly lights of the upper and lower decks.